What is Mining Colocation?

Mining Colocation occurs when a user has their cryptocurrency mining equipment hosted by a third-party provider. The provider takes care of all setup and maintenance required with mining, while the user receives full control over their equipment remotely, all for one set monthly fee. Because each user has full control over their equipment, cryptocurrency is never touched by the third-party provider, greatly reducing any risk of fraud or theft.


OMX Mining Colocation

OMX Mining specializes in executing simple turnkey solutions for all of your mining needs. Exclusive partnerships with hardware manufacturers provide industry leading turnaround times and the latest in cryptocurrency mining products. Unlike most hardware suppliers, we have no maximum order volumes which allow one easy transaction for both small and large operations alike. OMX Mining is dedicated to providing premier infrastructure services at maximum return on investment. Our commitment to creating and sustaining the blockchain ecosystem is unparallelled. Our rapidly expanding facilities boast 24-7-365 technical support. Featuring on-site tier 3 DC security, our clients rest easy knowing their investments are protected.

OMX Mining have been offering mining infrastructure services since 2017. Our data center facilities are built from the ground-up and are extremely energy-efficient. Through our infrastructure portfolio, we can offer you operating conditions that allow you to run clusters with unparalleled efficiency and reliability.

Why colocation with OMX Mining?

Any Miner

ASIC GPU, we work with our customers to find the most cost and operationally optimized data center solution for their mining operations.

24⁄7 Expert Support

Our team has extensive experience in mining operations and maintenance that ensures maximum hashrate to optimize hardware investments and minimize downtime.

Super Fast

Datacenter have access to our 10/40gb Spine and leaf network which connects to the Internet backbone via the ultra fast Fiber Network.

Any Scale

We work with customers from 100kW to wholesale buildings or halls that can accommodate multi MW infrastructure.

Safety And Security

You are the only person with access to your coins, which is why successfully mined cryptocurrency goes straight into your wallet.

Excellence & Speed

We get your equipment or setup our own up and running in the right environment as fast as possible.

Mining Facility Hosting

We utilize FreeBSD OS on our White-box switches to provide a state of the art network at a fraction of the cost. Our network infrastructure setup allows us to be just as redundant and reliable as the competitors without the overheard of paying for a name brand.


20A @ 120 VAC


  • 20A peak (2.4kW)
  • 16A (1.9kW) nominal
  • Free & Unlimited support
  • 1 month prepayment
  • Minimum 2 months contract
  • 97%+ Uptime
  • One-time install fee : 30$/unit


30A @ 120 VAC


  • 30A peak (3.6kW)
  • 24A (2.9kW) nominal
  • Free & Unlimited support
  • 2 month prepayment
  • Minimum 4 months contract
  • 97%+ Uptime
  • One-time install fee : 20$/unit


20A @ 208 VAC


  • 20A peak (4.2kW)
  • 16A (3.3kW) nominal
  • Free & Unlimited support
  • 3 month prepayment
  • Minimum 4 months contract
  • 97%+ Uptime
  • One-time install fee : FREE

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