Administrative Assistant

United States Part Time $60,000 - $82,000

We are seeking an organized, experienced procurement specialist to join our growing team. We are looking for a responsible Administrative Assistant to perform a variety of administrative and routine tasks.

Administrative Assistant responsibilities:

-    Organize correspondence and answer emails
-    Handle confidential employer and client information
-    Generate reports, create presentations, and conduct research
-    Participating in exhibitions and business trips
-    Processing the orders, researching payment methods            
-    Screen Supervisor phone calls, enquiries and requests
-    Assisting and consulting clients on investing in the company
-    Testing cryptocurrency exchanges such as Google Pay, Paxful, Localbitcoins, Venmo, Kraken, etc.
-    Comparing exchanges with each other by analyzing functionality, security and convenience
-    Assisting and consulting current and new investors
-    Explaining clients how to convert their money for Bitcoins and other digital assets
-    Advising on investments and most effective deposit methods


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