OMX Mining Affiliate Program

Anyone can participate in a one tier referral program. You can get a personal referral code or an active affiliate link that will allow you to invite new users to the Service and get a return from their purchases. Customers will also be satisfied - by clicking on an affiliate link, and the new user will receive a discount on the purchase.


OMX Mining Affiliate Program

The OMX Mining Affiliate Program allows you to place links to our products and categories on your website, social media, forum post, etc. By placing these links on your media outlets, visitors have the opportunity to purchase products directly from our site. If a product is purchased through your OMX Mining link, we pay you a commission for each sale! We provide you with all the tools you need as an affiliate.

Affiliate Program Information.

There is no charge to join our Affiliate Program. Just click on “Affiliate Area” and follow the easy instructions.

  • Commission pay scale is 3% to 5% on all product based on affiliates tier.
  • There is no charge to join our Affiliate Program. Just click on “become an affiliate” and follow the easy instructions.
  • OMX Mining handles all the orders, shipments, and billing.
  • Commission will be paid out monthly once you reach $50.
  • Cookie based tracking software is used to monitor affiliates sales.